[sword-devel] Inclusion of the Reina-Valera 1865

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Fri Feb 16 09:40:19 MST 2018

On 2018-02-16, 15:48 GMT, Vince LaRue wrote:
> Another question: if OSIS is no longer the best way to produce 
> digital texts (which is my only interest currently), then why 
> is nothing said about a different preferred method on the 
> Crosswire wiki?

OSIS XML is still the preferred method of producing Sword 
modules. However, many people believe that hand-editing large 
XML documents is beyond ability of most people who are dealing 
with the Bible texts and who are thus more humanities oriented.

I am a programmer by trade, so I don't have a problem to just 
open XML file in vim and deal with it. However, even I had to 
admit (when working on https://gitlab.com/bible_sword/CzeBKR) 
that files in USFM are easier to deal with (see 
https://is.gd/60jiQV as an example, that’s Genesis). So, CzeBKR 
is effectively maintained in USFM (generated by Python script 
from https://cs.wikisource.org/wiki/Bible_kralick%C3%A1), CzeCSP 
(https://gitlab.com/bible_sword/CzeKMS) is OSIS XML generated 
(by XSLT and that’s mistake, too complicated XSL is basically 
unmaintaineable by me, e.g., I am not able to debug 
https://gitlab.com/bible_sword/CzeKMS/issues/9 where the script 
generates duplicate titles, I will probably rewrite the script 
to Python and SAX), and CzeB21 and CzeCEP are hand-edited OSIS 

So, USFM may be easier to edit, but certainly it is possible to 
maintain a Bible text in OSIS XML directly, and if the text 
begins to be really complicated (two different sets of 
footnotes, cross-references from notes, etc.) perhaps it is 
easier than to deal with conversion from other formats.

Just pull out your preferred $EDITOR (vim, Emacs has an 
excellent XML support, or any other) and don’t let ignorance of 
others discourage you.


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