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Wouldn’t the points about HTML apply just as equally to the existing ShortPromo key ?

Some front-ends already jump to the URL specified in the href, and can open a browser to do so.


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On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 00:39, Jaak Ristioja <jaak at ristioja.ee> wrote:

> I like the idea, because it is useful information for the users. Here
> are some of the thoughts I gathered for this:
> <brainstorm xmlns="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainstorming">
> Why can't the About= entry contain this information?
> I'm unsure whether "UnlockInfo" is the best name.
> Is it safe to assume that this entry will only be relevant for modules
> with a CipherKey= entry?
> Using HTML might be a can of worms:
> * What version of HTML is permitted?
> * How do we ensure future-compatibility?
> * If the contents for the UnlockInfo field are to contain a segment of
> HTML (and not a whole HTML document), what is the content model?
> * For example, would it be safe to embed the contents of the
> UnlockInfo field directly inside a <td> element or should it be a <p>?
> * Can UnlockInfo= contain
> <img>/<audio>/<video>/<object>/<embed>/<script> etc elements?
> * How about attributes, e.g. <strong
> style='background:url("http://track.me/I_consent")'> or <span
> onClick="doBadStuff()">?
> Modules can originate from untrusted sources. I think it might be a bit
> too much to assume that all frontends can properly sanitize the HTML
> value, unless we only allow a very restricted subset of the HTML syntax,
> e.g. only plain text, HTML entities and <a> elements only one allowed
> and mandatory href attribute. Note that <b> and <i> etc are discouraged
> in HTML5, <u> was completely redefined. Will <a> ("anchor") still be
> valid in HTML6 or will <link> be repurposed for hyperlinks as well?
> Hence I suggest to use a simple URL (or URI, RFC 3986) instead of HTML.
> Simple documents (including HTML pages, PDF or any other types of files)
> could be embedded using the data: URI scheme (RFC 2397). Frontends could
> pass the URI to the OS/desktop/browser to be opened or attempt to
> display the information inline (e.g. show a web view widget for
> HTTP/HTTPS URIs or similar). Optionally, frontends can display a
> warning/confirmation dialog to the user before opening the URI.
> Perhaps it would be wiser to have two fields: one for the URI and
> another for plain text? I currently have no suggestions for the exact
> semantics of naming of such entries, but both of these could be
> displayed by frontends. The plain text could be a description of the
> URI, or contain full information about obtaining the key. One or both of
> the entries could be optional. Frontends could opt to detect URLs in the
> plain text as well and render these as hyperlinks.
> Or perhaps we should use a subset of markdown or similar instead?
> However, other markup languages could suffer from problems similar to HTML.
> </brainstorm>
> J
> On 30.12.18 00:02, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> Dear Frontend Developers,
>> In an effort to gain more publishers-- even those who desire to lock and
>> sell some of their modules, I would like to add a new .conf entry:
>> UnlockInfo
>> Up until now, we've relied on the About entry containing something that
>> lets the user know how to obtain unlock codes from publishers selling
>> codes to unlock their modules.  This entry would isolate just those
>> instructions to a specific entry and would allow a frontend to do
>> something like:
>> If (moduleToInstall.getConfEntry("UnlockInfo")) {
>>   showDialog("<p>The publisher of this modules requires for you to
>> obtain an unlock code.  This code can be entered below, instructions
>> from the publisher are as follows:</p>" +
>> moduleToInstall.getConfEntry("UnlockInfo"));
>> }
>> Like many of our entries, this new UnlockInfo entry will allow HTML
>> links and will likely contain a direct link from the publisher to their
>> store entry to purchase an unlock code.
>> An example would be something like:
>> UnlockInfo=An unlock code for the Larry Fitzgerald NFL HOF Edition of
>> the New Testament, with memorable career moments encouraging the
>> believer to press on when those around fall short, may be obtained
>> directly from the NFL store here: <a target="_blank"
>> href="https://nfl.com/shop/lf-nfl-hof-nt-sword-module">Larry Fitzgerald
>> NFL HOF Edition of the New Testament - SWORD Module</a>
>> Let me know if you have any comments or ideas,
>> Troy
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