[sword-devel] Modules, Tracker - some remarks

refdoc at gmx.net refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Dec 2 06:43:22 MST 2018

Hi to all

1) I am so pleased and grateful for all the activity checking and testing modules wrt issues mentioned on the tracker

2) There is a substantial minority of modules we do have source texts for (around 100) and I hold the key for them. They can not be shared to anyone, usually, as they tend to be not public domain texts. But the upshot for them is, I feel responsible in a direct way for them and take care of much in these weeks. So if you see me commenting on a module as the matter being in work, just move on , as it is in hand. 

3) There is a majority of texts, and some of them are very old in terms of CrossWire and we need to find sources for them, because we do not hold them. So, if you do not see me commenting that things are in hand, the module clearly requires a rebuilt and you want to push this actively forward, go and find the source. 

4) How to find sources:

Many public domain texts have been pushed forward and backward between projects since the start of the internet, are in a poor state and badly or not at all marked up, forced into KJV versification , or sometimes even chopped up in order to support sectarian views. Commonly for important texts though there exists somewhere someone who has decided to fix things. People who do try and fix things make this often very clear. Others refer/defer to them. It pays to get into direct contact with them to establish a link and maybe even let them produce OSIS or USFM for our use. We certainly always want to feed back any and all improvements we make to Mark Up etc.

5)You find good authoritative source, put at least the link underneath the tracker and explain shortly why this is in  your view the best source, particularly if there is a big choice. If you want to go and start working on a module, even better

Thanks again to all!

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