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Mon Oct 23 23:43:37 MST 2017

We are actively working towards and making progress on re-establishing a regular release process, infrastructure, and pumpkin holder.

On October 21, 2017 3:49:48 PM MST, Karl Kleinpaste <karl at kleinpaste.org> wrote:
>Today is 21 October.  That means it is now one full year since the
>supposed "release wrapup" for 1.8.0 began.
>Let me say that again.
>We have gone 365 days without a release, since the opening, concrete
>suggestion of an impending release was made.
>It is one thing to admit, as we all must, that our time to work on this
>project waxes and wanes.
>However it is another thing entirely to realize that it has already
>taken a year since first claim for next release, without achieving that
>And it is yet a 3rd thing to note that an RC came out in April -- both
>six months /later/ and now six months /ago/ -- consequent to which
>literally nothing seems to have been done, because it is still a 4th
>thing that when the 2nd RC came out -- 5 weeks later at end of May -- a
>problem I had reported within hours of the 1st RC had received exactly
>no attention, all of this ultimately leading to the open question,
>precisely is the /purpose/ of an RC, if not to solicit feedback and fix
>problems found, immediately prior to release?"  It's called a release
>candidate, after all, the idea of which is supposed to be that you're
>the edge of kicking the real, final thing out the door to the public. 
>But no, that was 6 months ago, and ... well, nothing.  Oh, a bit about
>delay in August due to a life milestone -- all well and good -- but the
>offered horizon on that event was 3 weeks, not another two-plus months.
>I had more that I thought I would include in this email, but I can't
>handle the additional bile inducement. You have no idea how much anger,
>resentment, bitterness, and depression is stewing out here.

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