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> And how about another problem?
> What does a cross-reference to 1 Kings 13:12 point to?

All references within a module should use an OSIS ID. If so it is not a

User input is a different story.

> In a Catholic Bible with 1/2/3/4 Kings, it should point to 1 Samuel 13:12
> but would our scripts to fix cross-references even have a clue about this?

Rather than asking us to dig into the code, please try doing a test on your
own and report the outcome. 


Here's my reply:

I'm talking about the Perl script that Peter uses when the modules team
receives a submission for a Bible containing cross-references, and [say] the
source files are provided only as USFM.

First step is to use usfm2osis.py to get an initial OSIS XML file.
Second step is the attempt to fix the cross-references in the XML file.

The Perl script attempts to convert the translater-supplied humanly readable
xrefs to proper OSIS xrefs with the correct target osisRef value.

If the locale file is designed with only a language as the determinative,
this would only be successful if none of the Bible versions in that language
used the same name for two different books.

Yet that's what we have even with the English language.

e.g. 1 Kings refers to a different book in some Catholic Bibles than in most
Protestant Bibles.

There are loads of other issues with the Perl script, but this one seems to
be a Top Level Design issue for the underlying methodology.

This is always the hardest part of module preparation to get right.

Best regards,


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