[sword-devel] OSIS Variants ?

David Haslam dfhmch at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 15 13:46:47 MST 2017

The problem of "no spaces" when both readings are shown is very easy to

Just take proper care when making the module.

I documented this ages ago in the wiki page for OSIS Bibles.

Rather than having (may|can) you'd have ( may| can) - using simplified
notation to illustrate.

It can help also to put suitable delimiters in the secondary reading.

What is lacking in SWORD is a mechanism to display these delimiters ONLY
when both readings are being displayed. 

cf. In theory, they are not required when only one reading is being shown.

btw. A module that includes secondary readings (subType="x-2") need not
necessarily have any separately programmed primary readings (subType="x-1").

And yes - SWORD's kludge using a seg element with the two attribute values -
this currently only works for up to 2 variants, but given some programming
effort, I see no reason why it couldn't eventually be extended using the
same notation.

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