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The long prayer is actually known as "[This preyere of Manasses is not in

See *page 475* in

It's part of the prologue to the book of Ezra (I Esdras) in Wycliffe's

It's not adequately marked up on Wikisource, which is why it appears as 2
Chronicles 37.

It comes after 2 Chronicles 36:23, but it's not really part of 2 Chronicles,
but rather a separate item.

The USFM Identification page lists it as:

84 =>  MAN => *Prayer of Manasseh* => Sometimes appended to 2 Chronicles,
included in Orthodox Bibles 

IMHO, it should be made into a separate USFM file, but that would first
require the Wikisource document to be updated accordingly.

The Vulg versification has it as *Prayer of Manasses 1:1-15*, though it's
not part of the *VulgClementine* module, /per se/.



Here's the text from Umich. (lightly edited to remove | markup of

[This preyere of Manasses is not in Ebrue. AEH.]

Almyȝty of our faders, Abraham, Ysaac, and Jacob, and to the riȝtwise seede
of hem, the whiche madist heuen and erth with al the ournynge of hem, `the
whiche*. [that C.] markedist the se with the word of thin heste, whiche*.
[that C. the whiche E.] closedist the depnesse, and merkedist to thi ferful
and preysable name, that alle inwardly dreeden, and tremblen fro thi chere
of thi vertue, and vnsuffrable wrath vpon the synnful of thi thretynge.
Forsothe with oute mesure grete and vnserchable the mercy of thi beheste;
for thou art Lord altherheeȝest vpon al erth, long abidyng and miche
mercyful, and othinkyng vpon the malices of men. Thou forsothe, Lord, after
thi goodnesse hast bihoten penaunce of remissioun of synnes; and thou, God
of riȝtwijs men, hast not putte penaunce to the riȝtwijse, Abraham, Ysaac,
and Jacob, to hem that to thee synnede not. For I haue synnede ouer the
noumbre of grauel of the see; multiplied ben my wickidnesses*. [wickenessis
C.]. I am myche croked with myche bond of yren, and there is not aȝeyn
brething to me; for I stirede thi wrath, and euyl before thee I dide,
settyng abomynacyouns and multiplying offenciouns. And nowe I bowe the knees
of myn herte, preyinge of thee goodnesse, Lord. I synnede, Lord, I synnede,
and my wickidnesse*. [wickenesse C.] I knowe. I aske, preyinge thee, Lord;
forȝeue to me, forȝeue to me, ne togidre leese thou me with my
wickidnesses*. [wickenessis C.], ne without eend reserue thou euyls to me.
For*. [For me E pr. m.] vnworthi thou schalt sauen me*. [Om. H.] after thi
grete mercy, and I schal preysen thee euermore alle the days of my lyue; for
thee preyseth al the vertue of heuens, and to thee is glorie in to world*.
[worldus C.] of worldis. Amen.

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