[sword-devel] "Search" related problems with regards to accent/diacritic marks in the Hebrew OSHB and WLC

TS outofthecube at icloud.com
Fri Mar 24 11:34:27 MST 2017

I was curious to see if I could use the accent/diacritic marks to my advantage to find words with the same markings. I used PocketSword. Clucene is the search engine it uses. When I have all the markings turned on in OSHB, copy a word, and then try and find the word, I get zero results. If I turn them all off and do the same thing, it'll also fail if I have fuzzy search enabled. Since the word I chose seemed to have a vowel point on the Shin character (despite the markings being turned off) I chose a different word without any markings. Searching with that word copied and pasted in kept giving me the same two results despite changing different search settings. The verse that I copied it from did not appear in the results either. It seemed to only find occurrences of the Hebrew word when there was a footnote link right next to the word. 

 With  WLC module: Tried different combinations of fuzzy search, all words, or exact phrase and none would give me results from a word with its accent/diacritic marks in the text with them. With the marks turned off, with fuzzy search set to off and using the  "all words" setting, this does work or at least I get results, but I don't offhand know if it's finding all the words that it should. If I do the same using a different word without a leftover Shin point, then I get zero results no matter what I set it to. In the other module I seem to get results which had a footnote link next to them, but I guess this module doesn't have footnotes and so nothing was found?

In specific, I had the app opened at Is. 61:1. The words that I used, in order were:

Do any other frontends have this problem?


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