[sword-devel] ERV issues in And Bible

David Haslam dfhmch at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 8 01:51:13 MST 2017

Hi Michael,

Not sure why my analysis is not getting through.

It's quite feasible for an OSIS XML file to validate to a schema and yet to
remain 'unfit for purpose'.

There are things that the schema does not test for but which are required
for use in SWORD, etc.

One thing a schema cannot test for is the bad use of milestones:

* Milestone elements in the wrong order (end before start, or overlaps
between verses, etc)
* Milestone elements that are completely missing, but which are a needed
half of a pair
* Milestone element pairs that do not have the same ID number but which
ought to
* Milestone elements that are duplicated

Your module has OSIS that has 503 milestoned *div* elements that are

This probably validates to your MOSIS schema, but it will cause serious
issues with JSword (based on Martin's evidence) and possibly also for SWORD
apps too.

Finally, the /milestoned/ for of the *div* element is not part of OSIS 2.1.1
nor in the latest CrossWire schema.

That might or might not give other problems, but it's probably not the root
cause of And Bible crashes.

btw. Did you get my email?

Just in case the attachment couldn't be easily retrieved from the message
here in the mailing list, I sent it you also by private email. 

The IMP file for the whole Bible was fed into a simple filter to extract and
count all the *div* elements with *type="x-milestone"*. The count is the
first field in the output file.

Every item for which count=00002 is suspect, and there are 503 of them.

NB. The sorted order in the file is largely irrelevant.

Best regards,


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