[sword-devel] CORS API

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Sun Jun 25 00:33:04 MST 2017


this is an old thread, but I like to second that. It would be really
nice if CORS could be enabled for everything under

Currently this is one of the main obstacles to write a modern
offline-first (progressive) webapp.

Are there any specific reasons why CORS can't be enabled for the module


Am 28.12.2016 um 15:59 schrieb Simon Biggs:
> I want to be able to make a progressive web app using Angular. I want it
> to be able to download the resources from crosswire and store them with
> IndexedDB. The advantage of this is nothing needs to be installed on the
> users machine, everything I write immediately works on every operating
> system. And because of IndexedDB all Bible resources can be accessed
> offline. Because of the progressive webapp infrastructure the website
> itself will also be able to be accessed offline.
> If I was to place a server between the webapp and the user the user
> would not be able to download the resources offline. That would surmount
> to redistribution by myself. However, if the client webapp directly
> downloads from crosswire via a REST API then that fulfills your
> distribution agreements.
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>     Hi Simon,
>     Thanks for your ideas.  I'm interested to hear a little about the
>     use cases you are targeting.  Are you trying to server offline
>     browser users in general, or do you have a specific case you have in
>     mind?
>     The background here is that we typically don't encourage
>     transferring data from our format to another.  Though we've
>     accumulated a large library of works and that, in itself, is useful
>     to other engineer, we don't curate any of these individual modules
>     and simply have done the work to track down each authoritative
>     source, get permission for distribution and use as openly as can be
>     obtained from their curator, and then to convert their primary data
>     source into our module format.  This doesn't pass along any rights
>     for use to other projects outside those of CrossWire, and also
>     doesn't provide a primary source for any of this material-- which an
>     lead to multiplied data conversion issues when moving on to a second
>     jump from the primary source.
>     We have a C++ engine which runs on most any device you might wish to
>     support (including web server)-- with many bindings for most popular
>     scripting languages, and also a native Java engine as well.  Both of
>     these can be used to discover, install, and access our entire
>     library, if you'd like to start a new application in our community
>     or contribute to an existing solution.
>     Two web applications which use our engines and might interest you are:
>     http://crosswire.org/study
>     http://stepbible.org
>     Hope this helps.  Welcome!  Looking forward to sharing in service
>     together,
>     Troy

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