[sword-devel] Catholic and Catholic2 versification

Cyrille lafricain79 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 05:11:06 MST 2017

Le 05/06/2017 à 20:09, David Haslam a écrit :
> *Catholic* & *Catholic2* versifications were released with *SWORD 1.6.2*
> almost 7 years ago! 
> See https://crosswire.org/wiki/Alternate_Versification
> and https://www.crosswire.org/wiki/Sword_library_versions
> Any change at this stage would entail consequences for some existing
> modules.
> Exactly how many (and which) modules is something yet to be determined.
I think not a lot... Because of copyright. But I'm not sure it will
cause a  lot of problem because, this verses issues are extra verses,
that are not present in the existing modules. It would be different if
the proposed changes led to an addition of verse. Which is not the case.
I think that at the time of the writing of the versification files,
there were small errors, and as there is not much Catholic module nobody
had yet really felt their relevance.
I would like to add that the proposed changes correspond to the
protestant versification.

Best regard,
Fr Cyrille

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