[sword-devel] Issue with notes in titles after chapter

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I didn't clearly state well how SWORD supports verse suffixes. SWORD will drop the suffix and reference the entire numbered entry. As DM has pointed out and Br. Cyrille has reported, on import this appends all verses with suffixes into the number verse entry. And when SWORD parses a verse reference with a suffix, it will take the reader to the entire verse.  Maybe you missed my comment that said a module can choose to format markings of these subsection divisions however they want. For example, they can place notes in the text where they start, or simply a literal (1a) (1b) (1c) in the text, or whatever they choose. These marks are for the human reader only; SWORD does not treat these as separate verses. It's a partial support for verse suffixes that is not perfect but does allow some functionality.

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