[sword-devel] Issue with notes in titles after chapter

Cyrille lafricain79 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 9 07:41:30 MST 2017

Have a look in the osis file example:

<chapter osisID="Rom.4" sID="Rom.4"/></div>
<div type="section"><title>Mbandu ya Abraham</title>
<div type="subSection"><title>Sambu na lukwikilu na yandi, Abraham
gulukaka<note placement="foot">4,1-8 Paul ke yibukisa Luy 15, 6: Nzambi
kitulaka Abra­ham muntu ya masonga sa­mbu yandi kwikilaka ntangu Nzambi
silaka yandi nde: «Nge ta kituka tata ya mwana mo­si ye nkâka ya
bantekolo mingi mpila ve.» Abraham ki­tukaka ve «unkwa masonga» sambu na
bisalu ya yandi salaka, kansi sambu na lukwikilu na yandi. Mpila yina,
kuguluka (to «kukituka unkwa ma­songa na meso ya Nza­mbi»), yo kele kabu
ya ke kwendila ti ndolula ya masumu: yina yonso ke kwisila beto ofele.
Yo ke kitula muntu «unkwa kiese» (tala na vv. 7-8 mutindu bo ke yibukisa
Nkeb 31 (He 32, 1-2a).</note></title>
<verse osisID="Rom.4.1" sID="Rom.4.1"/>Nki beto...

Le 08/07/2017 à 16:22, David Haslam a écrit :
> OSIS certainly allows note elements within a title element.  SWORD/JSword
> should support them.
> Rather than posting the USFM snippets, it would be helpful to post the OSIS
> snippet for the title containing the note which Xiphos allegedly fails to
> display.
> Aside: 
> The reported problem set me thinking in connection with the KJV work that I
> & DM Smith have done...
> For the unreleased (work in progress towards the next iteration of the) KJV
> module, two book titles contain a note. These are found in Job and Psalms.
> Xiphos 4.0.5 (Windows) displays spurious content in the preview pane for
> both these notes.
> This is not something that either I or DM had noticed before.
> For the book of Job, the XML reads:
> <div canonical="true" type="book" osisID="Job">
> <title type="main"><note type="study"><hi type="italic">Moses</hi> is
> thought to have wrote The Book of Job, whilst among the <hi
> type="italic">Madianites</hi>, Before Christ <abbr
> expansion="circa">cir</abbr> 1520</note>The Book of <hi
> type="spaced-letters">JOB</hi>.</title>
> When the note tag is selected, in the preview pane under Footnote, I see
> "*CHAP. X.*".
> For the book of Psalms, the XML reads:
> <div canonical="true" type="book" osisID="Ps">
> <title type="main">The Book of <hi type="spaced-letters">PSALMS</hi><note
> type="study">Luke 20.42 Acts 1 20.</note>.</title>
> When the note tag is selected, in the preview pane under Footnote, I see
> "*CHAP. XLII.*".
> Both these observations are anomalous. 
> I think we need help from Karl to better understand what's causing the
> symptoms.
> However, in the same version of the KJV XML, one of the *revisionDesc* list
> items states:
> <item>Moved 47 notes from Psalms verse 1 to the canonical title
> element.</item>
> Here's one such example: 
> A canonical Psalm title containing two notes.
> <chapter osisID="Ps.6">
> <title type="chapter"><abbr expansion="Psalm"><hi
> type="spaced-letters">PSAL</hi>.</abbr> VI.</title>
> <title canonical="true" type="psalm" osisID="Ps.6.1!title"><w
> lemma="strong:H05329" morph="strongMorph:TH8764">To the chief Musician</w>
> <w lemma="strong:H05058">on Neginoth</w> <w lemma="strong:H08067">upon
> Sheminith</w>, <w lemma="strong:H04210">A Psalm</w> <w
> lemma="strong:H01732">of David</w>.<note
> type="study"><catchWord>chief…</catchWord>: or, <rdg
> type="alternate">overseer</rdg>.</note><note
> type="study"><catchWord>Sheminith</catchWord>: or, <rdg type="alternate">the
> eighth</rdg>.</note></title>
> This displays correctly in Xiphos. So it should be feasible to achieve
> Cyrille's objective.
> Best regards,
> David
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