[sword-devel] Issue with notes in titles after chapter

David Haslam dfhmch at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 8 08:22:45 MST 2017

OSIS certainly allows note elements within a title element.  SWORD/JSword
should support them.

Rather than posting the USFM snippets, it would be helpful to post the OSIS
snippet for the title containing the note which Xiphos allegedly fails to


The reported problem set me thinking in connection with the KJV work that I
& DM Smith have done...

For the unreleased (work in progress towards the next iteration of the) KJV
module, two book titles contain a note. These are found in Job and Psalms.

Xiphos 4.0.5 (Windows) displays spurious content in the preview pane for
both these notes.

This is not something that either I or DM had noticed before.

For the book of Job, the XML reads:

<div canonical="true" type="book" osisID="Job">
<title type="main"><note type="study"><hi type="italic">Moses</hi> is
thought to have wrote The Book of Job, whilst among the <hi
type="italic">Madianites</hi>, Before Christ <abbr
expansion="circa">cir</abbr> 1520</note>The Book of <hi

When the note tag is selected, in the preview pane under Footnote, I see
"*CHAP. X.*".

For the book of Psalms, the XML reads:

<div canonical="true" type="book" osisID="Ps">
<title type="main">The Book of <hi type="spaced-letters">PSALMS</hi><note
type="study">Luke 20.42 Acts 1 20.</note>.</title>

When the note tag is selected, in the preview pane under Footnote, I see
"*CHAP. XLII.*".

Both these observations are anomalous. 

I think we need help from Karl to better understand what's causing the

However, in the same version of the KJV XML, one of the *revisionDesc* list
items states:

<item>Moved 47 notes from Psalms verse 1 to the canonical title

Here's one such example: 

A canonical Psalm title containing two notes.

<chapter osisID="Ps.6">
<title type="chapter"><abbr expansion="Psalm"><hi
type="spaced-letters">PSAL</hi>.</abbr> VI.</title>
<title canonical="true" type="psalm" osisID="Ps.6.1!title"><w
lemma="strong:H05329" morph="strongMorph:TH8764">To the chief Musician</w>
<w lemma="strong:H05058">on Neginoth</w> <w lemma="strong:H08067">upon
Sheminith</w>, <w lemma="strong:H04210">A Psalm</w> <w
lemma="strong:H01732">of David</w>.<note
type="study"><catchWord>chief…</catchWord>: or, <rdg
type="study"><catchWord>Sheminith</catchWord>: or, <rdg type="alternate">the

This displays correctly in Xiphos. So it should be feasible to achieve
Cyrille's objective.

Best regards,


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