[sword-devel] Catholic and Catholic2 versification

Cyrille lafricain79 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 11:52:58 MST 2017

Ok, I test with:
\v 1a test pour voir
\v 1b test pour voir encore
In the osis file it is well:
ta tuba sambu na nkâka na beto Abra­ham ? Nki yandi zwaka na kimuntu na
yandi ?<verse eID="Rom.4.1"/>
<verse osisID="Rom.4.1a" sID="Rom.4.1a"/>test pour voir<verse
<verse osisID="Rom.4.1b" sID="Rom.4.1b"/>test pour voir encore<verse

I can read the text in xiphos but not the verse number, is it a way to
display the verse number or not?

Le 07/07/2017 à 19:30, Troy A. Griffitts a écrit :
> The SWORD engine will accept verse references with a single letter
> suffix,e.g., Esther 5:1b.  The engine does nothing more than to
> resolve this to Esther 5:1.  So, while not perfect, a Bible can
> include 1a, 1b, 1c all in verse 1 with formatted how the edition
> wishes, e.g., a note in the text "b." "c." d." and if the user
> specifies 1c, they will still be taken to generally the right place. 
> I hope this gives some idea how the SWORD C++ engine attempts to
> partially facilitate verse suffixes.
> Troy

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