[sword-devel] Hebrew Segmentation

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Hi Tom,

I'm sure that most of us are aware that the MAQAF (U+05BE) has a different function to morpheme segmentation.
The Unicode character name is HEBREW PUNCTUATION MAQAF.

The openscriptures morphhb team have marked these up accordingly:

42577 <seg type="x-maqqef">

The differences in spelling are quite common among Hebraists, and depends either on which text book they followed or which is their own native language.

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> Y'all:
> Sometimes, one will see something like:
> עַל־פְּנֵי
> That upper "hyphen," like the vowel points, is a human interpretation
> that does not appear in any MSS. But it is a standard. Unfortunately, it
> should not be used to delineate "segments" which, I gather from the
> context of the discussion, are a morphological help. I went back and
> looked at my first Hebrew textbook and they do the same kind of thing we
> do in English, to wit, use an en-dash to delineate fragments. Here is an
> example in English, quite contrived:
> In English, we create the past tense by adding -ed to the end of the
> word. (Sorry, I can't make an en-dash, used a hyphen.)
> But this kind of thing is always in tutorial text. I have never seen
> "segments" in BDB, AKOT, etc.
> If this is of any help ...
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