[sword-devel] Introducing myself, SwordHammer, and asking a ton of questions

Tom Sullivan info at beforgiven.info
Sat Dec 23 07:28:17 MST 2017


Thank you. I never thought of that. However, trying SwordHammer in 
Startpage, Google, and Bing only bring up a bunch of weird stuff, and 
only one hit where "SwordHammer" is one word, not two. That hit is a 
fantasy magazine of some sort. USA trademark law says that in order for 
there to be infringement, the products marked must be similar enough to 
cause confusion. A rather famous case is where a mobile home (house on 
wheels) was called "Holiday Rambler." American Motors (now defunct) sued 
because they had a car called "Rambler." They lost because the products 
were so unlike one another.

But thanks. Good thing to check.


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On 12/23/2017 09:04 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> A Google search for SwordHammer gives lots of higher profile hits.
> Wondering if Tom's project name is at risk of infringing a registered 
> trademark.
> Worthwhile exercising due diligence at this early stage.
> Not too late to rebrand it if there turns out to be a conflict.
> David
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