[sword-devel] Huge commits in SVN+ possible bug in 1.8.0

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 22:10:24 MST 2017

On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 6:10 PM, Jaak Ristioja <jaak at ristioja.ee> wrote:

> On 21.12.2017 15:08, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> > Regarding the <div></div> for lg, an empty div usually is rendered with
> > no height but does induce a line break, by default. I didn't want to
> > force additional vertical whitespace, in the event there was already a
> > new line. Specifically in this case, this pushes a <div></div> into the
> > preverse material if the verse starts with lg or l. This cleans up
> > printing a verse number and then immediately a new line after the verse
> > number, which doesn't look nice.
> I didn't understand what you just said, but maybe this should be amended
> to the code comment in OSISXHTML::MyUserData::outputNewline() which
> currently seems to imply that a regular newline character ('\n') should
> be amended, and not a "<div></div>".
> Secondly, does the "<div></div>" pass the testsuite*? It doesn't pass
> the osis_* tests in Sword++, which I believe are in sync with Sword.
> J
> * I'd run the testsuite in Sword SVN myself, but I can't figure out how
> to do it (using CMake, because using autotools is way too complex for me).

The CMake tools do not properly execute "make test" since diatheke was
moved to build in its own directory instead of inside of the "utilities"
directory directly. The testsuite relies on the location of the diatheke
binary for some of its execution. CMake lands that file at
utilities/diatheke whereas the Autotools build puts it at
utilities/diatheke/diatheke. In order to properly update this, I will need
to add a new CMakeLists.txt file to the utilities/diatheke source
directory. That requires more elevated permissions than simply updating the
existing CMakeLists.txt file, which is a permission I already have. This is
next on the priority list for me after I get the 1.8.0 release done (the
tarball has been cut and uploaded, but there was a hiccup with the server
config - that has been sorted and I just need to re-execute the deployment

As such, I need to bake up a proper patch file and submit it to Troy. Since
I only discovered the CMake-related failure a few days ago myself, I
haven't yet baked up that patch. According to Jenkins, however, which runs
the testsuite at the end of the autotools build, the suite does not pass in
the master branch:
nor in the 1.8.0 branch:


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