[sword-devel] Huge commits in SVN+ possible bug in 1.8.0

Jaak Ristioja jaak at ristioja.ee
Thu Dec 21 17:10:24 MST 2017

On 21.12.2017 15:08, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Regarding the <div></div> for lg, an empty div usually is rendered with
> no height but does induce a line break, by default. I didn't want to
> force additional vertical whitespace, in the event there was already a
> new line. Specifically in this case, this pushes a <div></div> into the
> preverse material if the verse starts with lg or l. This cleans up
> printing a verse number and then immediately a new line after the verse
> number, which doesn't look nice.

I didn't understand what you just said, but maybe this should be amended
to the code comment in OSISXHTML::MyUserData::outputNewline() which
currently seems to imply that a regular newline character ('\n') should
be amended, and not a "<div></div>".

Secondly, does the "<div></div>" pass the testsuite*? It doesn't pass
the osis_* tests in Sword++, which I believe are in sync with Sword.


* I'd run the testsuite in Sword SVN myself, but I can't figure out how
to do it (using CMake, because using autotools is way too complex for me).

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