[sword-devel] Japanese Bibles in Beta and some other stuff

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Aug 28 16:14:56 MST 2017

On 08/28/2017 06:48 PM, Administrator of Bible.salterae.net wrote:
> Please try osis formatted japanese bible texts at
> http://bible.salterrae.net/sword/bungo.osis.zip
> http://bible.salterrae.net/sword/kougo.osis.zip
> The reason why the current sword modues for these bible contain no
> rubies is
> simply that the current rendering engine of the sword project render
> ruby annotations very ugly that most japanese people can't tollerate.
> I think ruby annotation for japanese bible (especially bungo bible) is
> a 'must have'
> feature.

OK, I took these, used osis2mod, and copied the existing jap*.conf files
with modifications appropriate to what I had generated and where I put
them.  I used -v NRSV due to the presence of e.g. 3John.1.15.  The
modules' only textual feature is glosses -- no strongs, morph, or lemmas.

How they look: http://karl.kleinpaste.org/.../japanese-new-gloss/

I don't read Japanese.  Someone else will have to say whether they're
good or bad.  If they're bad, we'll need to know how to differentiate
good from bad, pretty from ugly, tolerable from intolerable.
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