[sword-devel] News page - we are still alive.... Other website stuff

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at crosswire.org
Sat Aug 19 07:57:31 MST 2017

I have updated a lot of news bits on the our news page. Maybe we will
soon add the release of 1.8...?

Eloquent - this has surely been updated a few times since - who is
responsible for the news admin there?

Removal of inactive frontends - I would like to propose a bit of a cull
of our application page. Too many have long ceased to be developed or
even maintained. And I do not mean "paused deveopment" like And Bible
or Pocketsword or even the Sword Project for Windows, but stuff like
Dagger for Opie, software for Palm etc etc. Any genuine objections?

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