[sword-devel] Japanese Bibles in Beta and some other stuff

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at crosswire.org
Thu Aug 17 09:42:55 MST 2017

For years, decades probably, we have 5 Japanese Bibles in Beta. The
reason they did not move on was supposed lack of support for Ruby mark
up. At least in libsword dependent frontends this is now there (and
probably was for a long time already) - if you want to test it tick the
glosses module option. 

Is jsword there too? 

I will move them out later today into main. It is one embarrassment too

Also, as you will have seen, I have now a fairly well and fast working
setup for module making - at least as far as USFM, OSIS, TEI and IMP is
concerned. Handcrafted texts still take as long as ever. I think I have
dealt with any backlog. . I will in the next days and weeks work
through my stock of long ago submitted stuff, put them into my
framework and rerun the module import in order to ensure the maximum
amount of modules has the benefit of the newest toolkits and to ensure
that all I have ever done for CrossWire is actually somewhere
semipublic accessible and reproducible. So, if you see some major
uploads happening, it is probably not worth updating all and everything
in your own files. 


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