[sword-devel] What is the lowest version of iOS to be currently supported in PocketSword?

TS outofthecube at icloud.com
Tue Sep 20 13:59:49 MST 2016

I've been going through the code and making fixes, and in the process 
XCode has warned me that libcurl is for version iOS 6 and higher and 
also I've discovered that MBProgressHUD was also written for iOS 6 and 
higher. It seems that the external frameworks were updated from the 
previous release of PocketSword. So, is the lowest version supported iOS 
6 now? or is it still 5.1.1 and I can ignore the warnings? If 5.1.1 
should still be supported, do all of the newer frameworks still work 
with this version of the iOS or does compatibility need to be tested 
between iOS ver. 5.1.1 and the newer frameworks (and workarounds be 
implemented if need be)?

- Timothy

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