[sword-devel] Release Wrapup

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Oct 21 20:45:59 MST 2016

Hey guys,

I know our free time all comes in spurts and often not in sync with each 
other, but I'd like to try to push these final things to completion 
which need attention to wrap up this next release.

Thanks to everyone who have reported bugs here and the bug tracker and 
who have submitted patches and updates.  I will work on resolving these 
bugs quickly as well as being sure updated translations which have been 
submitted are applied.

The French versifications which were submitted by domcox and bundled up 
by refdoc I believe were committed a few months back, but we need to be 
sure.  There were some questioned posted on the list recently.  Can we 
confirm or deny we have the latest in trunk?

Versification mapping questions are still outstanding. Костя, DM, you 
both have written the mapping code for our C++ and Java libraries 
respectively.  You both seem to have different ways to record the 
mapping between v11n systems.  Is there one definition format we can use 
moving forward?  Can you open a discussion about this?  It would be 
really nice to define mappings once, put them in version control and 
then write a utility which can read these files and produce what each of 
you need to function-- if you cannot optimally read this one definition 
directly from your code.  Before we go too much further down the road 
here, it would be nice to discuss this now.

We might still have some outstanding issues with IBR contributed 
patches.  I believe we rolled back a commit in osis2mod which may have 
fixed one or more issues with the reports from IBR and thus eliminating 
the need for the IBR patches, but I am not sure.  We need to review this.

Finally, in the spirit of our push toward 2.0, I will continue to 
standardize another set of method names and possibly rename a class or 
two.  As always, the old method names will be marked at deprecated so 
you will receive warnings, but they will not be removed so as not to 
break any frontend code.  When 2.0 is finally released, all deprecated 
methods and class names will be removed.

These are the issue I plan to work on over the next few days and I would 
so appreciate your collaboration to help bring this long overdue release 
to light.  If there are issue which you feel need immediate attention 
beyond these, please bring them up to remind me.  We probably need new 
threads about each of these items, individually, so I'd ask that you not 
reply to this thread regarding any of these individual items, but start 
a thread with an appropriate subject.

Thanks for sharing in work together.  May God bless our efforts to bring 
this release to fruition,


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