[sword-devel] Issues discovered updating old IBT modules

John Austin gpl.programs.info at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 10:35:48 MST 2016

I'm updating old modules in IBT's repository to use CrossWire best 
practice OSIS, using usfm2osis.py. So these OSIS files are CrossWire 
standard, but the corner cases are revealing some bugs to fix. I've 
reported these on Jira, along with patches, but mention them here in 
case there is discussion to be had.

- Canonical pre-verse Psalm titles are being filtered out by the 
osis-headings filter (like Psalm 10 in SynodalProt which has a canonical 
title before verse 1).

- Currently New Testament introductory material is appended to the end 
of Malachi rather than being prepended to Matthew's introduction.

- A majorSection osis2mod.cpp patch from Dec 2014 causes new problems. 
Introduction text is now lost when majorSection titles appear in the 
Bible or Testament introduction. I believe both the original issue and 
the new issues can be fixed by treating majorSection titles (and 
subSection titles for good measure) as regular section divs in terms of 
pre-verse content. Testing has shown this to work perfectly on IBT's new 
UZV module which uses majorTitles in many places (Bible & Testament 
introductions, Proverbs, and Daniel).


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