[sword-devel] Bugs in GBF Modules, Words of Christ and Strong's Numbers

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sun Jun 12 11:35:21 MST 2016

We have a report that RusVZh does not display Red Letter Text or Strong’s Numbers in Eloquent. I have confirmed that is a problem.
Checking The SWORD Project for Windows, it can display either WoC in red or Strong’s Numbers.
In Xiphos, it displays WoC in red and shows Strong’s Numbers, but when both are selected together it has a few words that are not handled properly. E.g. Matt 5:7 last word.
BibleDesktop 1.6 is really bad (The WoC are in blue!). BibleDesktop 2.0 has the color right, but doesn’t properly handle Strong’s Numbers on the WoC whether colored or not.

I also checked Chamorro which has words of Christ and RWebster which has Strong’s Numbers and they have the same problem, in Eloquent.

These are the only GBF modules that have WoC or Strong’s Numbers. There are 26 other modules. 5 of these have footnotes. None of the others have filters or features.

Rather than spending much time fixing bugs, I’d recommend that these are re-done in a different format.

In Him,

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