[sword-devel] Lack of French translation for deutero-canonical books

Fr Cyrille lafricain79 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 02:56:42 MST 2016

I notice a lack of translation for the deutero-canonical books in 
Xiphos. I think it's not a lack of translation from xiphos, but from 
sword. I would like to help if possible to improve it. But I don't know 
how to download the sword .po file (if it is a .po file I need).
I would like to report too few words that are not translated in Xiphos, 
but it didn't appear in the .po file from launchpad. Example :
If you choose to the menu "Ouvrir une session" in the new widow you have 
"Open a session", "Cancel" and "Open"...
It's not very very important, but it can be interesting to make better 
translation if we have occasion.
If I can help tell me...
Br Cyrille


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