[sword-devel] CORS API

Simon Biggs mail at simonbiggs.net
Mon Dec 26 03:32:55 MST 2016


I was hoping to help set up a CORS API for transfer of crosswire resources
to web apps. My hope was to be able to make something simple, probably
written in Python with the Tornado module and using the sword SWIG

My thought is the API would simply send whole resources, such as a whole
Bible translation. Any webapp interfacing with the API would likely
download the resources once per user and store them within the browser's

I'm not sure what is the best format to use for the transmitted content.
The easiest option might be using something like the plain text OSIS
format. From my limited exposure to this project that would mean minimal
work on the server end required to make as many resources as possible able
to be sent this way. What to then do with the OSIS file and how to store it
in the IndexedDB would be up to the client side programmer.

What are your thoughts? Does anyone have any recommendations for
improvement? If I made something like this, is this something that
crosswire would be willing to have running on their server for resource

Thank you,
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