[sword-devel] CzeBKR has unusual language code

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Sat Apr 23 14:14:21 MST 2016

On 2016-04-23, 15:37 GMT, Martin Denham wrote:
> From an And Bible perspective.  The difficulty Czech users are having is
> that the default locale is cs so CzeBKR does not appear in the default list
> of Bibles presented to the user.  It is true they could select a different
> language - ces - and download CzeBKR but that is not very obvious so I get
> a fair number of emails from people complaining that CzeBKR has been
> removed.

I don't care that much what is the language code for the Czech 
language, but:

 a) it should be only one code for all Czech modules, and we 
    cannot get that without somebody with the access to the 
    repository fixes it, and
 b) it would be awesome if Xiphos et al. fixed their ordering of 
    languages, so that Čeština wouldn’t go after all 
    ASCII-starting languages (Čeština is now somewhere between 
    Klingon and modern Greek.  And no, using “Czech” when names 
    of all other languages are (understandably) in the language 
    itself is not a solution. Or switch all language names to 
    English (or use gettext and translated names).



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