[sword-devel] FireBible is back - 2.0b3 released!

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Sun May 10 02:22:09 MST 2015

On 10/5/15 12:31 PM, Matěj Cepl wrote:
> On 2015-05-10, 02:38 GMT, Brian Fernandes wrote:
>> The most serious change is the fact that I've moved from JSword to Sword
>> (through XULSword) due to the constant problems with Firefox's
>> extensions + Java security settings, which ultimately left FireBible in
>> a broken state for a couple of years.
> You are aware of https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2015/05/04/dropping-support-for-binary-components/,
> right?
Thanks for pointing that out, no - I was *not* aware of this. We're 
using js-ctypes, so I believe we're okay, at least for the immediate 
future. Having said that, the article doesn't speak too favorably about 
this technology either, so I wonder how long it will last. I'll talk to 
John and see what we need to do, if anything.

I did a quick test in Firefox 40a1 (last night's build) - the binary 
parts work fine (though unsure if the fix is in the build I'm testing), 
but the protocol extension that FireBible actually uses to display the 
content seems to be broken. There are no notes on protocol changes that 
I could find, so hopefully this is an alpha-only problem, but I will 
keep checking. Works fine in Firefox 39 builds.

When I first started working on FireBible in 2008 and managed to get 
JSword output in a protocol extension, I felt it was too good to be 
true; seems like that feeling was, in the long term, right. It's 
disappointing that Mozilla keeps making such decisions and I'll do my 
best to adapt, but seriously disillusioned with their extension ecosystem.

In Him,

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