[sword-devel] Reina-Valera versions

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Mar 18 04:56:39 MST 2015

Yesterday, someone came into #sword looking for a 1960 Reina-Valera.  I
poked around and found we don't have that, though we do have several
other versions.  In CrossWire main, there is SpaRV1909, SpaRV (also
claimed to be 1909), and SpaRVG (2010).  In CrossWire Attic, there is
SpaRVG2004, which is obsoleted by SpaRVG.

Weirdly, I also have a module SpaRVG2010, which is OSIS so it's not one
I created myself, but it doesn't show up in any repo, so I can't tell
where I got it.  Anyone got a clue?

Should there be some cleanup about this?  Particularly, why are there
both SpaRV and SpaRV1909?  And was SpaRVG2010 just some short-lived thing?

SpaRV1909 is encrypted, but .conf in the repo already includes its key.
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