[sword-devel] Unified module lists

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Jul 31 06:59:09 MST 2015

A user on sword-support asked this for unified module lists once again
and I do think he is right:

Right now we lists with modules per repository. If you happen to have a
first language only served in Xiphos or IBT (or now hopefully soon the
new eBible repo) you will think on starting an application that there
are no modules available for you.

The only application which has this solved is And Bible. 

The argument used in previous discussions was that different repos
might use the same module identifier as other repos and clashes can
cause grief. Yes they could. But there are also several good mechanisms
we could use to make this a non-issue.

1) Choice of sane defaults 
2) user-pinnable preferences

re  1) 

a) A simple decent default could be CrossWire has always preference -
unless the user overrules this
b) Another simple default could be that the highest versionnumber
always wins out. 

Suggestions, ideas?


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