[sword-devel] Scope

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jan 7 15:51:05 MST 2015

We have been discussing this several times over, but I am at a loss what
- if anything was actually agreed.

We have increasing number of modules which use only part of all books
available in a testament - latest is the Old Pohnpeian Bible, which is
NT and Psalms. 

We discussed that there needs to be a way to make the empty books "go
away" in menus - partially because they might be irritating and
partially they might be considered offensive or misleading (in case e.g.
of Synodal versification, but no deuterocanonical material)

The two solutions which had been raised were methods for checking
book/chapter emptiness and a scope parametre in the conf file, in form
of a OSIS Ref expression, describing the scope of a text.

Both was considered possible, neither of which has been decided if I
remember correctly.

The latest module, the Old Pohnpeian text brought this once again up. 

So, where are we and what has been decided?


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