[sword-devel] mis-handling of OSIS <hi type="super">

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Jan 4 18:37:41 MST 2015

There's a serious glitch in handling of <hi type="super">, evidently a
typo, or perhaps a paste-o, where <sup> opens but it is erroneously
mis-closed with </span>.

Module ABP uses "super" heavily to indicate original Greek word
ordering, superscripting word index numbers.  The repeating sequence of
controls around each word whose order has been changed is

<w><seg><hi type="super">...</hi></seg></w>

and you can see from the examples below that the result is a lot of
<sup> with a bunch of following </span> where </sup> was clearly
intended.  It makes for a really funky display in Xiphos:

I have a bug report against it, but it's manifestly not a Xiphos bug,
it's an engine error.

$ diatheke -b ABP -k matt.3.2
Matthew 3:2: <w savlm="strong:G02532" src="1">and</w> <w
savlm="strong:G03004" src="2">saying,</w> <w savlm="strong:G03340"
src="3">Repent!</w> <w savlm="strong:G01448" src="4">[<seg><hi
type="super">6</hi></seg>approaches</w> <w savlm="strong:G01063"
src="5"><seg><hi type="super">1</hi></seg>for</w> <w
savlm="strong:G03588" src="6"><seg><hi type="super">2</hi></seg>the</w>
<w savlm="strong:G00932" src="7"><seg><hi
type="super">3</hi></seg>kingdom</w> <w savlm="strong:G03588"
src="8"><seg><hi type="super">4</hi></seg>of the</w> <w
savlm="strong:G03772" src="9"><seg><hi

$ diatheke -b ABP -f XHTML -k matt.3.2
Matthew 3:2: <span >and saying, Repent! [<sup>6</span>approaches
<sup>1</span>for <sup>2</span>the <sup>3</span>kingdom <sup>4</span>of
the <sup>5</span>heavens].</span><br />

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