[sword-devel] Delays in rendering?

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So, I'm trying this now, and I’m getting some seg faults. Can I pass my SWMgr library around inside different objects by assigning it to properties? (i.e. class.setLibrary(sword::SWMgr library) { this->swordLibrary = library; }) or do I need be sending it around via parameters via reference?

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sword::SWMgr library (new sword::MarkupFilterMgr (sword::FMT_PLAIN));

This line of code should only be executed once at program start-up and
any time you detect a change in the installed modules - basically
after interacting with the install manager to install a new work.
(Even then there might be a refresh option, as the instantiation of
the manager not only searches for modules but also for installed
locale files). If you move that to a location where it does not
execute every time navigation changes, you should see substantially
improved performance.
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