[sword-devel] Delays in rendering?

David Judah's Shadow Blue yudahsshadow at gmx.com
Sun Feb 22 08:39:28 MST 2015

Here’s the relevant bits of code,

std::string text = "";
sword::ListKey refRange;
sword::SWMgr library (new sword::MarkupFilterMgr (sword::FMT_PLAIN));
sword::SWModule *module;
sword::VerseKey key;
module = library.getModule (this->version.c_str());
if (!module) {
    text = "-1";
    return text;
refRange = key.parseVerseList (reference.c_str(), key, true);
for (refRange = sword::TOP; !refRange.popError(); refRange++) {
    module->setKey (refRange);
    text += module->getKeyText();
    text += " ";
    text += module->renderText();
return text;

If it makes any difference, the only installed module is the ESV.

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Hey David,

It's hard to say without knowing what calls you're making to the API, but yes, it's likely you're doing something not in the optimal way.  My first guess is that you are calling an external program repeated to get results.  SWORD has an initialization hit when it first is accessed-- finding all modules, loading locales, etc.  Once initialized, calls should be very fast, but if you are launching an external program over and over, the engine is initializing on each call.  Maybe not what you're doing, but without more info, that's my best shot.
Hope we can get you running fast.


On 02/21/2015 07:16 PM, David "Judah's Shadow" Blue wrote:

So I'm working on a console based front-end, and I'm noticing some slowness in displaying a text. Possibly a second or less, but definitely noticeable. Is there something I may be doing wrong?
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