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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Sep 25 14:10:29 MST 2014

Sorry, it might be useful to include a link to the ISO stuff, for quick 


the 'lastest' folder has the ISO files expanded and is our staging area 
for the next image.  You can see the structure of the files in there.  
You will need to use the ftp:// protocol to browse the files, however, 
because there is a tract there as index.html


On 09/25/2014 02:02 PM, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Our CD ISO is horribly outdated.  I still get occasional requests for 
> CDs (about 2 per month) and I would guess people still might download 
> the ISO and burn CDs themselves.  We have too many modules now to fix 
> on 1 CD.
> Do you guys have any thoughts as to what we should do with this?
> We have a quite a few nice feature for building an install media: you 
> can define a set of preselected modules for installation, so the media 
> could contain 300 modules, but say, 25 could be preselected so when 
> you go to install, it is ready with a default module set.
> You can typically run most SWORD apps directly from the media without 
> installing.
> We have secured permission to include a few Gospel tracts so churches 
> or other organizations can hand these out and have them autorun a 
> presentation of the Gospel.
> Anyway, our ISO update script grabs all the latest main-repo modules 
> when updating the ISO image, but we might want to include some of the 
> other repos we host, as well (Wycliffe?).
> Other software?
> Expand to a full DVD image and split to 2 CD ISOs?
> These are just thoughts on the top of my head.  Any input?  Anyone 
> excited to maintain something like this?
> Troy
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