[sword-devel] Sword C# bindings for Windows

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 13:36:12 MST 2014


It most definitely would be wiki material. Are there any code changes you
needed to make? Patch files? If so, you can submit those as well for
inclusion. A few comments about the steps you're following:

Changing out icu-sword for icu and the change to libcurl shouldn't be
necessary. If you followed the directions in the wiki you should have built
icu-sword from the Sword repository instead of the pre-distributed version
of ICU from upstream. The change to libcurl appears to be specific to your
version of Visual Studio. I've noticed that some versions don't include
vcXX as well.

The other changes might be ones which should be incorporated into the
codebase. Troy would need to comment more about the changes you're
proposing to flatapi.cpp/h.

Glad to hear you've gotten it working now!


On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 3:28 PM, Jon Behrens <jbb at crimsonthread.com> wrote:

> I've finally gotten the C# binding examples to run both on Linux and
> Windows. This means,
> of course, that one should be able to write C# code on either platform and
> have the resulting
> application also run on either. (At least at this point the C# examples
> packaged with the Sword
> distribution run on both platforms using identical C# code.)
> I've written a tutorial outlining the steps needed to accomplish this.
> That's attached as a
> text file. Would it be appropriate to add this to the developer's wiki?
> Be blessed,
> Jon
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