[sword-devel] OSIS markup for gen books and devotionals

Laurie Fooks laurie.fooks at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 07:35:43 MST 2014


The issue still stands as to what markup is common to front ends and
at what level should that apply - engine or front end.- sorry, I am
not aufait with how the sword system works at the program level

If we don't have a high level of commonality then I am concerned that
we are losing the purpose of having a common "engine"

The documentation pointed me to OSIS as the ongoing supported
standard, but sadly I am finding that is not the reality in genbooks
for anything but basics.

In some situations, it would be useful to make more use of media and
other advantages of an electronic document - sword is currently
limited and I'm not able to help with programming, but I would like to
be able to maximise use of what is available and have it usable on
whatever sword affiliated front end the end user prefers.

As I have said, I do appreciate the work many people have contributed
- I am also trying to help by giving my test results on what I have
found as a new user. I do feel that the system / project would benefit
from establishing (or publishing/clarifying same) minimum standards
for markup functionality

While I am also integrating content into other systems aimed at mobile
devices, the sword system has some benefits and I would like to be
able to use it more.

Thanks again for an excellent framework.

On 9/6/14, David "Judah's Shadow" Blue <yudahsshadow at gmx.com> wrote:
> On August 27, 2014 5:52:50 PM EDT, Laurie Fooks <laurie.fooks at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>>Thanks David,
>>Please look at my second set of OSIS genbook test modules - I may be
>>formatting incorrectly.  This second set includes <p> tags but
>>BibleTime is not displaying these as intended.
>>The OSIS site also suggests that <lg> <l> not be used for pagebreaks -
>>I am not sure why it is not a good idea? - as it stands, it is the
>>only markup that I have found to work across all front ends.
> To supplement the answers already given, as far as OSIS is concerned, the
> reason that <lg><l> tags are suggested to not be used for line or page
> breaks is that OSIS is a semantic language meaning you are tagging what
> something /is/ not how it looks. This I think is why <p> tags aren't having
> the desired effect either. Unlike in HTML, <p> is specifically for
> delineating paragraphs conceptually. An empty paragraph doesn't produce a
> blank line like in HTML. That is a side effect of how block-level display
> tags are rendered in HTML not because of something universal to <p>. As for
> why you want to mark things semantically rather than presentationally,
> someday there might be a front-end for visually impaired persons (for
> instance)  that rather than displaying the text reads it aloud.
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