[sword-devel] OSIS markup for crossReference notes with content

yvand yvand.sword at gmail.com
Tue May 6 12:01:20 MST 2014


As mentioned in my previous thread, I work on FreJND module, which is 
currently available as an old version in CrossWire Beta repository.
FreJND uses OSIS markup, the source is available at 

I noticed that in Xiphos I can't access crossReference content. I 
reported this as a bug (see 
http://sourceforge.net/p/gnomesword/mailman/message/32307118/) and Karl 
replied me this a filter issue or wrong markup. So this is why I am here 
in order to fix it.

We use this OSIS syntax for crossReference notes :
> <note osisRef="Gal.3.14" osisID="Gal.3.14_1" n="i" type="crossReference">
>     litt.: la promesse de l'Esprit ; comparer <reference 
> osisRef="Acts.2.33">Actes 2:33</reference> (même note).
> </note>
Sometimes the notes contains only a reference tag (in this case there is 
no problem), but other times it contains text with.
In Xiphos one can't get the note content (I mean "litt.: la promesse de 
l'Esprit ; comparer Actes 2:33 (même note)." for the note above).
Obviously it is not the behaviour I expected.

Do we use the right syntax? Should we use type="explanation" as Karl 
mentioned in his reply?


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