[sword-devel] OSIS markup best practice: sanity check

Chris Burrell christopher at burrell.me.uk
Fri May 2 06:49:23 MST 2014

Hi John

On the Scope parameter, I believe this was discussed and rejected.
(although JSword will have support for this, and will write a separate conf
file, should the scope be absent from the .conf file).


On 2 May 2014 08:36, John Austin <gpl.programs.info at gmail.com> wrote:

> IBT's repository has dozens of SWORD Bible modules, and they all need to
> be rebuilt for SWORD 1.7+ using OSIS module best practices (as outlined in
> the extremely useful CrossWire wiki). Below are some conceivably
> controversial issues. We hope to achieve excellent module functionality
> with the various front-ends. So if you see something below which makes you
> groan, please speak up. Otherwise, the plan is to proceed as follows:
> - Missing books, chapters, or verses within a Bible's chosen v11n will be
> completely left out of the OSIS file, and thus out of the module's index.
> There will be no mention of them and no empty holding-places within the
> OSIS file.
> - There will be a Scope parameter in the .conf file, formatted as an
> osisID of the specified v11n, which details the books, chapters, and verses
> that are included in the entire module. The Scope param is the only way to
> detect which books (etc) are available in a module without first having to
> install the module, as necessary for some applications.
> - Updated SFM to OSIS converters (osis-converters) will closely emulate
> the markup now generated by usfm2osis.py and will utilize its extensions.
> But additionally, the OSIS subType attribute will be used to pass optional
> CSS classes through HTML filters to front-ends which they can implement, or
> not, as desired. For instance: x-p-first (to add a drop-cap to some
> particular paragraph or line-group), x-text-image (for an image with text
> flowing around it) etc.. IBT is soon to begin publishing their Children's
> Bibles as OSIS GenBook modules. They have nice pictures, pretty formatting,
> and audio. Presentation extensibility is necessary, and OSIS subType seems
> to be the best way to encode optional presentation classes. NOTE: Front-end
> implementation of this would require either simple additions to
> osisxhtml.cpp & osishtmlhref.cpp (to pass subType as class) or a customized
> filter.
> - Scripture reference tags will all specify target modules using osisRefs
> like this: "ESV:Matt.1.1" (and it may be that the specified module is not
> always installed, thus its av11n unknowable).
> - ?? Any other concerns with IBT's modules??
> God willing, these new modules will work great on the various front-ends.
> Thanks for reading...
> -John
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