[sword-devel] Modules Don't Work

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 14:27:42 MST 2014

Try doing it as not root. I don't know why the docs suggest using root to
do the work, but try doing it in your local directory by running the
installmgr commands without being root.


On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 4:15 PM, Jon Behrens <jbb at crimsonthread.com> wrote:

> Hello
> This started out as a C# binding question, but the problem is deeper than
> that. Basically
> I can't get the installmgr to do anything useful. I am new to Linux, but
> have been writing software on other platforms for ~50 years.
> To insure that my machine configuration was not the problem (I had
> installed Xiphos
> and BibleTime earlier), I set up a new virtual machine using VirtualBox
> and Mint 17.
> I updated all the packages and installed build-essentials. No other
> software.
> I downloaded Sword-1.73 and uncompressed it into a folder 'sword-1.7.3'
> under my
> home directory.
> I then followed the instructions in the INSTALL file and everything
> appeared to make
> correctly.
> I went to the utilities directory and ran the installmgr
>     sudo ./installmgr -sc //Synch with master appeared to work
>     sudo ./installmgr -r CrossWire //refresh remote source - appears to
> work, 411 packages
>     sudo ./installmgr -ri CrossWire KJV  //returns 'Remote source
> [CrossWire] does not make available module [KJV]
>     sudo ./installmgr -rl CrossWire  //list modules on CrossWire - sure
> enough, no KJV
> Went to ~/.sword/InstallMgr/20081216195754/mods.d/ and found kjv.conf. So
> refreshing the remote source finds KJV but install does not.
> OK - let's try a local install:
> Downloaded ESV.zip and unpacked it into the same directory (Downloads)
>     sudo ./installmgr -li ~/Downloads/ESV.zip ESV
>         Module [ESV] not available at path [/home/jsb/Downloads/ESV.zip]
>     sudo ./installmgr -li ~/Downloads/ESV ESV
>         Module [ESV] not available at path [/home/jsb/Downloads/ESV]
>     sudo ./installmgr -li ~/Downloads/ESV/mods.d ESV
>         Module [ESV] not available at path [/home/jsb/Downloads/ESV/mods.
> d]
>     sudo ./installmgr -li ~/Downloads/ESV/modules ESV
>         Module [ESV] not available at path [/home/jsb/Downloads/ESV/
> modules]
> Well, that didn't work. So let's try just extracting the archive into
> /usr/share/sword
>     cd /usr/share/sword
>     sudo unzip ~/Downloads/ESV.zip
>         Archive:  /home/jsb/Downloads/ESV.zip
>           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/nt.bzv
>           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/nt.bzs
>           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/ot.bzs
>           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/nt.bzz
>           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/ot.bzv
>           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/ot.bzz
>           inflating: mods.d/esv.conf
> That's hopeful, let's try it out.
>     cd ~/sword-1.7.3/examples/cmdline        //previously made this project
>     ./lookup ESV Jn.3.16
>         Could not find module [ESV].  Available modules:
> Note that the list of available modules is empty.
> So at this point I'm stuck. It is my hope to write a front end in C#, but
> I can't seem to get the package installed and working properly.
> I'd appreciate any help.
> Jon
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