[sword-devel] Modules Don't Work

Jon Behrens jbb at crimsonthread.com
Fri Aug 29 14:15:36 MST 2014


This started out as a C# binding question, but the problem is deeper 
than that. Basically
I can't get the installmgr to do anything useful. I am new to Linux, but 
have been writing software on other platforms for ~50 years.

To insure that my machine configuration was not the problem (I had 
installed Xiphos
and BibleTime earlier), I set up a new virtual machine using VirtualBox 
and Mint 17.

I updated all the packages and installed build-essentials. No other 
I downloaded Sword-1.73 and uncompressed it into a folder 'sword-1.7.3' 
under my
home directory.

I then followed the instructions in the INSTALL file and everything 
appeared to make

I went to the utilities directory and ran the installmgr

     sudo ./installmgr -sc //Synch with master appeared to work
     sudo ./installmgr -r CrossWire //refresh remote source - appears to 
work, 411 packages
     sudo ./installmgr -ri CrossWire KJV  //returns 'Remote source 
[CrossWire] does not make available module [KJV]

     sudo ./installmgr -rl CrossWire  //list modules on CrossWire - sure 
enough, no KJV

Went to ~/.sword/InstallMgr/20081216195754/mods.d/ and found kjv.conf. 
So refreshing the remote source finds KJV but install does not.

OK - let's try a local install:

Downloaded ESV.zip and unpacked it into the same directory (Downloads)

     sudo ./installmgr -li ~/Downloads/ESV.zip ESV
         Module [ESV] not available at path [/home/jsb/Downloads/ESV.zip]

     sudo ./installmgr -li ~/Downloads/ESV ESV
         Module [ESV] not available at path [/home/jsb/Downloads/ESV]

     sudo ./installmgr -li ~/Downloads/ESV/mods.d ESV
         Module [ESV] not available at path [/home/jsb/Downloads/ESV/mods.d]

     sudo ./installmgr -li ~/Downloads/ESV/modules ESV
         Module [ESV] not available at path 

Well, that didn't work. So let's try just extracting the archive into 

     cd /usr/share/sword
     sudo unzip ~/Downloads/ESV.zip
         Archive:  /home/jsb/Downloads/ESV.zip
           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/nt.bzv
           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/nt.bzs
           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/ot.bzs
           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/nt.bzz
           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/ot.bzv
           inflating: modules/texts/ztext/esv/ot.bzz
           inflating: mods.d/esv.conf

That's hopeful, let's try it out.

     cd ~/sword-1.7.3/examples/cmdline        //previously made this project
     ./lookup ESV Jn.3.16
         Could not find module [ESV].  Available modules:

Note that the list of available modules is empty.

So at this point I'm stuck. It is my hope to write a front end in C#, 
but I can't seem to get the package installed and working properly.

I'd appreciate any help.

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