[sword-devel] OSIS markup for gen books and devotionals

Laurie Fooks laurie.fooks at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 16:46:36 MST 2014

Thanks Karl,

Both BibleTime and Xulsword display the table as in my test module.
The markup for tables was copy / paste from the Crosswire wiki OSIS

Line indents are important for poetry markup ..  I'll have to delve
again into how this is done in OSIS bibles... but last time I checked,
it was not helpful.

Generally speaking, maybe this general OSIS situation has not been so
apparent as I have not been able to find genbook modules using
extensive OSIS markup.

I am not a programmer, but will look at the filters to see what I can
discover, though as all the markup in my test module displays in one
or more front ends ... its strange!



On 8/28/14, Karl Kleinpaste <karl at kleinpaste.org> wrote:
> On 08/27/2014 06:04 PM, Laurie Fooks wrote:
>> Xiphos is displaying most of the OSIS markup - with exceptions seen in
>> my test module:
>> - line indents using <l level="2">
>> - some <hi> formats
>> - tables
> I have heard now and again that tables don't survive OSIS->anything
> filtering very well.  I know that Xiphos itself can deal with tables
> just fine, /if/ the content can get as far as Xiphos to begin with:
> Xiphos generates tables internally (commentary by chapter is done with a
> table, using verse# in left column, text in right).
> Highlight is entirely a matter of Sword's filters.
> Line indents... Don't know a thing about it.  I can only resort to the
> usual "whatever the filters provide, Xiphos displays" perspective.

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