[sword-devel] OSIS markup for gen books and devotionals

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Wed Aug 27 05:39:39 MST 2014

On 08/26/2014 07:44 PM, Laurie Fooks wrote:
> 1. Internal linking - the pattern, "MODULE:DIV1.DIV2.DIV3" in the
> Crosswire wiki does not work in any front end -
> "MODULE:DIV1/DIV2/DIV3" works in Xiphos and BPBible and
> "MODULE://DIV1/DIV2/DIV3" is needed for BibleTime and BibleTime-Mini.
> Is there a "correct" OSIS markup, or does it depend on the front end?
Caveat: I don't "do" OSIS, but I am the guy mostly in charge of Xiphos.

Xiphos fairly blindly takes whatever came out of the engine and drops it
into the subwindow pane to show the text.  Whatever linkage came out of
the engine is what Xiphos gives to the user.  BibleTime has somewhat
different OSIS->HTML filters; it is possible that its result for
conversion to use in its HTML widgets is not the same.  This might be a
BT bug.
> 3. Images are not displayed, except in Xiphos, xulsword and AndBible.
> - Is this a front end design choice or bug?
The only constraint for successful display in Xiphos is that the images
are placed in proper relative position in the directory structure.  By
convention this uses a subdirectory "images" in which the files are
contained, and they are referenced from the text as src="/images/xyz.jpg".
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