[sword-devel] OSIS markup for gen books and devotionals

Laurie Fooks laurie.fooks at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 16:44:58 MST 2014


I am new to the list and to making sword modules - I am using OSIS
markup to produce sword modules in a couple of different languages for
the Bible, using osis sourced from the ebible ftp repository, and
creating lectionary/devotional and general books from print sources
(all copyrights being honored). I am using markup from the OSIS site
with adjustment as described in the Crosswire wiki.

 I have attached 3 small test modules "TEST", "TEST2" and "TEST_CAL"
to demonstrate my use of the markup. I have also attached the source
markup. I am using sword 1.7.3 utilities -  imp2ld for the devotionals
and xml2gbs for the gen books. All the markup in the test modules does
work in different sword front ends but none of the front end programs
are able to display all the markup.

Some things I need assistance with:

1. Internal linking - the pattern, "MODULE:DIV1.DIV2.DIV3" in the
Crosswire wiki does not work in any front end -
"MODULE:DIV1/DIV2/DIV3" works in Xiphos and BPBible and
"MODULE://DIV1/DIV2/DIV3" is needed for BibleTime and BibleTime-Mini.

Is there a "correct" OSIS markup, or does it depend on the front end?

2. Paragraphs and linebreaks - I have found the poetry markup (lg, l)
is the only reliable way to have line breaks / paragraphs - Its
working well, but is there an alternate I should use?

3. Images are not displayed, except in Xiphos, xulsword and AndBible.
- Is this a front end design choice or bug?

These are examples. The attached test modules have fairly basic
markup, but no front end will display them all. I would appreciate
guidance on how I can adjust my markup to have all the markup
displayed ?

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