[sword-devel] SWORD + Cordova

Isaac Dunham ibid.ag at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 17:30:38 MST 2014

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 08:18:31AM -0700, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Dear Isaac,
> I had a look on Android 2.3.3 (API Level 10) and found all sorts of
> troubles.
> Apparently the JavaScript engine in the HTML View on that level of Android
> doesn't support:
> a) calling me keyword methods by name, e.g., dataStore.delete(rowID); must
> be dataStore['delete'](rowID);
> b) IndexedDB, which is what I am using for bookmarks.
> For (a) I've changed the syntax to use the map notation to work on older
> JavaScript engines, and for (b) I've just placed a simply check for
> IndexedDB support in the bookmark functions and return immediately if no
> support.  This means that bookmarking won't work for now until we can come
> up with another solution.
> In my emulator, I was unable to select modules from a select box drop down,
> but this is a simple HTML select control, so I hope this just an emulator
> problem.  Also, similar problems with scrolling some of the views.
> Anyway, I'd be grateful if you have time to let me know if it launches now
> for you (with more than just a gray screen) and if you notice any of the
> problems I've mentioned or others.
> Thank you,
> Troy

Hello Troy,
AndBible works quite well here; if you would rather point Android 2.3 users
at it, that works well for me. But if not, I'm ready to test.
(I'll probably continue using AndBible, because I like how it's laid out.)

Bishop starts, then complains about "No modules found".
When I press the Menu key,  I get something that looks about like this:

James 1:19 <| [______|
+[KJV    ] V| [Darby_|
O Verse Study        |
* Bookmarks          |
Q Search             |

(In other words, the right edge is chopped off.)
Turned sideways, I can reach the right edge but not Search.
(I have a 320x240 screen.)
I selected Darby and KJV on the first run.

When I tap on either of the lower two drop-down entry boxes, it provides
a radiolist (which I think is how it implements the drop-down?) of the Bible
versions that I installed in AndBible, like so:

            ( )
ABP         ( )
Darby       (*)
KJV         ( )

(List greatly abbreviated for convenience.)
Yes, that first option is blank.

I cannot get it to do anything if I tap in the top-right box.

When I go to the main screen, it insists that I have no Bible version
If I press Verse Study, I get a choice of Word Study, Commentary, Witness
Study, or Variant Study.
Word Study says "Alert: No Bible selected. Please select an installed module."
Commentary shows at least one of the two commentaries I have (Geneva or Gill);
I'm not sure which. It lists both at the top.
I can't figure out what Witness Study is doing.
Variant Study seems to hang or show a blank screen; I'm not sure why.

I'm wondering which box is for selecting a Bible, and also what the top
right box is for.

Thank you and God bless,
Isaac Dunham

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