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Ron Parker rdp at inthefaith.net
Sat Aug 9 09:44:58 MST 2014


I'm a bit of a Debian fanatic with a bit of unexpected free time on my hands. Over the years I have created a lot of Debian and RPM packages. Is there anything I could do to pick this up and expedite it for you?


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I see that Debian now has up-to-date Sword and BibleTime packages. 
That's great, but the Xiphos package that was submitted didn't make it 
because of Lintian errors. I'm not able to look at it until some time 
in October, but it does seem a shame that there is only one frontend for 
Sword that is officially 'out there'. We're getting very close to the 
Ubuntu release date, and I am hoping that the Sword stuff will get into 
the Ubuntu repos before too long.

God bless, Barry.

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