[sword-devel] Sword Debian package ....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sat Apr 19 10:28:52 MST 2014

Just to let you know that the Debian packages for Sword 1.7.2 have been 
accepted and should appear on the Debian repo in a week or so. 
Hopefully, we should have the 1.7.3 and BibleTime 2.10.0 packages up 
there by the end of June assuming the 1.7.3 release has been made during 
May.  I haven't had chance to work on Xiphos yet, but expect to be able 
to work on it in early June.  This is only because I haven't been 
building Xiphos from source and will need to get a build environment for 
it set up before I can set up a packaging environment.

Regards,        Barry.

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