[sword-devel] CzeCSP xref encoding error

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Apr 10 07:55:47 MST 2014

mod2imp CzeCSP |
while read spec ; do
    echo "$spec"
    read content
    echo "$content" | sed -e 's/>v\.[^0-9]*\([0-9]\)/>'"$spec"':\1/g'
done > csp.imp.new
imp2vs csp.imp.new -z -o . -b 4 -v German -l cs
mkdir ~/.sword/modules/texts/ztext/czecsp/.HOLD
mv ~/.sword/modules/texts/ztext/czecsp/[on]t.???
mv [on]t.??? ~/.sword/modules/texts/ztext/czecsp

This corrects all "v." xrefs to use their in-chapter BCV reference, and
now Xiphos' new warning for bad xrefs is no longer being tripped.  The
.HOLD usage is to keep the original content on hand, just in case.

That said, other references seem still to be wrong, e.g. the good
example previously mentioned has an xref target of "Gen 3,20" which is
not quite proper either; getEntryAttributes() apparently decides this
means Rom 7:20.
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